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The Book "Ojai Valley Veterans Stories"
The Ojai VFW proudly presents 2002 publication of Veterans Stories, a book dedicated to telling the stories of our brave Veterans of Foreign War. This book gives a very human side to what it was like to serve this country in wars overseas. Intitled Ojai Valley's Veterans Stories this book covers Veterans Stories from all over the United States. Order the book now! Click Here to buy direct or Buy on Amazon
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What keeps American leadership from taking our Country back into war? History teaches us over and over that we cannot simply hide the past and deny what happened. It has been tried many times. Many of us know too well that those attempts to shelter our children only hasten the repetition of war. Let us stay educated to respond knowingly to stop future bullying early that could again signal major war.
The true value in these 33 stories is that they come to you straight forward and honestly from those on the receiving end of direct orders from our government-or as a patriotic calling to duty. These stories are not from studious historians rummaging around in dusty tomes talking on the grand scale of war. Here you are sitting in the living room of your neighbors. These men, and two women, are going to make you laugh and cry about their real life experiences leading up to, involvement in, and after war.

This book evolved out of biographical material of VFW members. Initially, interviews were conducted for material for the local newsletter. Articles were limited in scope and detail. Some members then suggested that these interviews would be excellent material for our monthly programs where local students and friends were invited to hear the various presentations. As the membership learned more about one another, the camaraderie and interpersonal relationships were enhanced. A new respect and admiration developed among the comrade veterans. It was discovered that the membership of this Post represented many facets of American history for the last sixty-five years. It was truly amazing how this small community should have such a microcosm of world history at our fingertips. Much of the history discussed is from the perspective of the writers and historical view points of the membership. You will note different view points but with one common thread, a deep sense of patriotism. This is what makes America.
Drucker, Bennett, and Pressey

When most of the veterans had made their presentation, it was suggested that this treasure of unvarnished experiences told with candor and emotion should be published.

There is a sense of urgency in this Post to publish these historical experiences before it is too late. Already, four of our comrades have passed away and several others have entered nursing homes. We are racing the clock to ensure that our legacy of experiences, memories, emotions, and yes, attitudes are not lost to our community and posterity. This is a book for our families, for veterans, for young people, and indeed, our very nation.

Our Mission
"If Americans ever forget the borrors and desprivations of wars past, we are destined to repeat them. These neighborhors, living wrenching stories of war experienced all over the world."
-Former Congressman, Robert Langomarsino Past State Assembyman and Major of Ojai-
"Heart-wrenching, poignant war memories from disappearing voices. A remarkable book!"
-Dr. Joyce Kennedy, PH.D, Dirctor Emeritus Ventura Campus, Cal. State Univ. Northridge-
"An amazing collection of personal experiences by the soldiers, sailors and airman who were doing the dirty work. America's true heros"
Brigadier General Anthony Volante
CA Air National Guard (Ret)
Mayor, Port Hueneme

Within the military definition, the word "mission" is the ultimate commitment to duty and service to your country. It is an absolute commitment that can claim one's health, comfort, well being, and indeed one's very life. It is a sacred duty to those sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and those rights and liberties granted the free citizens of this great democracy.

As a Veteran's of Foreign Wars Post, our mission is to preserve, protect, and promote those causes for which we served. We exist to transmit those values of democratic government, to promote the veteran's well being, and transmit to the general population what it means to be a veteran. Concurrent with our activities in support of veterans, we endeavor to support our active duty and reserve duty military forces that are defending this nation today as we defended this nation in the past.

The continuing patriotism and belief in our nation's destiny underlies the commitment of all the veterans of this Ojai Valley Post. There are lessons to be learned from the preservation and sharing of our individual and collective memories of what our service means to us. By understanding the past, Ojai Valley's VFW Post 11461 fulfills our mission, we will be promoting the common good of our community and our great American Nation.

Ojai Valley's Veterans Stories
416 page Book 6"x9"
95 photos, Index, soft cover $24.95 each