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The Aleutians Home Page.  
This site started out with the intentions of sharing anecdotes, photos, and links to other sites having Shemya, Alaska as a focus. Visitors to this original site would share their experiences on "The Rock," and in many cases would send photos and stories relating their experiences while stationed there...which we also posted on this web site. The original content thus grew and diversified to match the vast experiences of our visitors on "The Rock."

As the original post-WWII Shemya web site took shape, the content quickly grew to include not only post-war inhabitants of the islands, but many WW-II veterans as well. The hardy folks that spent the years from 1942 through 1946 in the Aleutians certainly have a most interesting perspective of their
tours of duty.

40th Infantry Division (Mechanized) History

Read the history of the 40th, "Sunshine" Division, now headquartered in Los Alamitos. See a nifty picture of our Commander

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